From home cook to home chef: Quick guide to boost your home cooking game

Have you been thinking lately what are still missing in your kitchen space to make it more functional? Should it be a lovely dishware collection to make mealtimes more fun, spice organizers for your minimalist pantry, or an appliance for a worthwhile cooking experience?

Just when you thought your dream kitchen is already complete with a cooktop, oven, refrigerator, sturdy cookware set, and modern lighting fixtures, there’s this one thing that you probably never knew you needed until today. Now that we’re still battling against Coronavirus, we shouldn’t overlook everyone’s health in the household. Thus, investing in an appliance that could give you an added protection might just be the ideal solution. So, here are few reasons why this new Tableware UV Sterilizer from Technik should be on top of your kitchen essentials list:

Delivers Full Protection from All Forms of Bacteria and Viruses

Relative to every household, the kitchen being the heart of the home also makes it the busiest corner of the house. Since it is where we create delectable dishes to feed our family, it is only right to give high importance to sanitizing our kitchenware.Proper sanitization is made convenient with itsUV Sterilizationfunction that uses ultraviolet radiation, a proven powerful method in reducing the spread of harmful microorganisms.

A simple wipe down might not be enough in keeping your kitchenware from becoming breeding grounds of bacteria. With the 80°C Heat Dry Disinfection function of this UV Sterilizer, you can ensure safe and healthy mealtimes with family. It exposes your tableware to high temperature by means of hot air; therefore, giving you extra protection by killing all forms of microbes, bacteria and even insects that might contaminate your dishware.

High Quality Appliance Made to Last

Before you proceed to checkout, make sure you are buying a long-term partner in the kitchen. The Technik Tableware UV Sterilizer is built with Stainless Steel 304 Wire Rack that is stable and sturdy enough to hold your dishware as you place them inside. This premium grade stainless steel is known for being highly-resistant to rust and corrosion.

Compact Yet Powerful

Make a huge step to keep your kitchen sanitized without having to worry about space as this appliance is compact enough to fit into your countertop. Even with its space-saving design, it still efficiently provides maximum sterilization with the use of UV Shield. This feature traps the UV inside for a more effective disinfection. Not only does it helps the UV sterilizer function at its optimum, but also serves as an enclosed cover that keeps your tableware away from insects that could be carriers of germs and bacteria.

Backed up with over 400 service centers nationwide, Technik Tableware UV Sterilizer is covered with a 1 year warranty on service and parts. To know more about Technik Kitchen Appliances, drop by their main showrooms located in Quezon City, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Bacolod, Palawan, Legazpi or in any leading appliance stores nationwide. Technik Kitchen Appliances are exclusively distributed by Appstar Global Distributors Incorporated and you can visit their website at

Protecting our family should always be a top priority. Make mealtimes with your loved ones safer with the Technik Tableware UV Sterilizer!